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[ Herbs for Women's Health ]

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H01 Angelica Peonia Blood Tonic 當歸芍藥散 Dang Gui Shao Yao San  TOP

Angelica sinensis

Paepnia lactiflora

Atractylodes acrocephala


Cnidium officinale

Poria cocos

Alisma plantago

Brief Indications For Clinical Use: Female aliments; anemia, easily fatigued, irregular menstruation, lumbgo.

This is a commonly used prescription for women who experience, irregular menstruation, difficulty in menstruation, anemia, fatigue, chills in the waist and feet, chronic pelvic infection, etc. Moreover, jit is effective in treating all kinds of ailments afflicting pregnant women, such as swelling, nephritis, habitual abortion, hemorrhoid, abdominal pains, cystitis, etc.

The Angelica in this formula enriches and nourishes the blood and can be used to treat anemia and abdominal pain, Paeonia tonifies the blood and relaxes muscular spasms. Cnidium nourishes the blood and promotes blood circulation. Atractylodes eliminates pathogenic dampness and promotes diuresis. When combined with Poria and Alisma, it can eliminate water retention by promoting diuresis. It can also treat vertigo and relieve palpitation. All of the herbs in this formula acting in combination, nourish the blood, stimulate blood circulation, promote diuresis and restore the supplement vital energy.

Recommended Use: Take 3-4 capsules each time. 3 times a day, before or after meals. 


H05 Four Herbs Formula 四物湯 Si Wu Tang TOP

Angelica sinensis

Cnidium officinale Rehmannia glutinosa Paeonia lactiflora

Brief Indications For Clinical Use: Anemia, painful menstruation, irregular menstruation.

This formula is excellent for treating female disorders. It promotes circulation and nourishment of the blood and is used mostly in the treatment of anemia, dry skin, heavy and weak pulse with soft and weak abdomen. it is a basic formula used by gynecologists to nourish the blood and regulate menstruation.

Angelica can nourish the blood and invigorate the body as well as regulate menstruation and relieve pain. Thus, it is the principal herb in this formula. Rehmannia promotes the production of blood and the nourishment of the yin vital energy. Cnidium and Paeonia can eliminate blood stasis and assist Angelica in regulating menstruation and relieving pain. Thus, they complement and enhance the effect of the other herbs in this formula.

This formula is clinically used to treat anemia, painful menstruation, underdevelopment of female sexual organs, irregular menstruation, prenatal postnatal ailments.

Recommended Use: Take 3-4 capsules each time. 3 times a day, before or after meals.


H09 Fertility Formula 子嗣方 Zi Si Fang TOP

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Codonopsis pilosula

Gelantina nigra

Polygonum multiflorum

Morinda officinalis

Dipsacus japonicus

Eucommia ulmoides

Rehmania glutinosa

Lycii chinensis

Angelica sinensis

Astragalus mongholicus

Paeonia lactiflora

Brief Indications For Clinical Use: Females, with anemia, low energy, fatigue, irregular menstruation, infertility, habitual miscarriage.


This formula invigorates the kidneys, strengthens the spleen, nourishes the blood, soothes the fetus, supplements the vital energy and enhances the primordial energy.

The Codonopsis and Astragalus in this formula nourish the middle warmer and increase vital energy. The Angelica, Paeonia Gelatina and Rehmannia invigorate the blood, nourish the Yin and stop bleeding. They are very effective in regulating uterine function. Polygonum, Morinda, Dipsacus, Eucommia and Lycii invigorate the liver and kidneys, increase the essential energy of the blood and strengthen the tendons and bones and as a result, nourish the blood and soothe the fetus.

This formula is clinically used to treat habitual miscarriage, incipient miscarriage and infertility.

Recommended Use: Take 3-4 capsules each time. 3 times a day, before or after meals. 


Flash Ease  TOP

Balances hormone levels.
•Contains phytoestrogens.
•Supports the mature female all day long with timed-release nutrition. 

Flash-Ease [Glandular] contains black cohosh, a popular herb native to the West. It is widely known for supporting the mature woman’s body as she encounters normal glandular challenges and physical changes. In fact, women have used it for decades to help “keep cool” during menopause.

Flash-Ease is a potent, time-release version of this trusted herb. It is standardized to a 2.5 percent concentration of triterpene glycosides (the key active constituent). Flash-Ease also includes dong quai, a noted Chinese herb, to further support the glandular system.
Each tablet contains a highly concentrated extract that provides 80 mg of black cohosh.

Recommended Use: Take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 at bedtime.  Each specially-processed tablet slowly releases its contents providing optimal day and night protection and delivers 2 mg of triterpene glycocides.



H12 New Spring Menopause 更年婦寶丸 Geng Nian Fu Bao Wan  TOP

Angelica sinensis

Leonurus heterophyllus

Morinda officinale

Atractylodes macrocephala

Phellodendron amurense

Paeonia suffruticosa

Ligustrum lucidum

Curculigo orchioides

Poria cocos

Mentha arvensis

Bupleurum chinensis

Epimedium macranthum

Paeonia lactiflora

Ligusticum wallichii

Alisma plantago

Gardenia jasminoides

Eclipta prostrata

Anemrrhena asphodeloides

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Zingiber officinale

Brief Indications For Clinical Use: Menopause syndrome, conditions associated with menopause such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, oppressive feeling in the chest, headache, tinnitus, insomnia, loss of memory, arthralgia and osteoporosis.

This formula is made by combining Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, Dang Gui Shao Yao San, Er Xian Tang and Er Zhi Wang, with the addition and deletion of various herbs. The Paeonia in this formula can purge latent fire from the blood. Gardenia can purge stagnant fire from the triple jiao, When combined with Paeonia, Angelica nourishes the yin in the blood, exerts an astringent effect to retain yin energy, and is used to treat liver deficiency. When combined with Atractylodes, Glycyrrhiza nourish upper jiao and regulates the middle jiao. Bupleurum, when combined with Paeonia, calms the liver and enables the wood energy to flow perfectly. Poria promotes diuresis and calms the heart. Zingiber warms the stomach and eliminates sputum. Mentha cleanses the liver, purges the lungs, regulates the blood and expels wind. Eclipta and Ligustrum strengthen the yin energy, nourish the kidneys, enhance liver function and darken hair color. Er Xian Tang has originally been used to treat menopause syndrome, as well as other conditions associated with menopause such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, oppressive feeling in the chest, head ache, tinnitus, insomnia, loss of memory, pain in the joints, osteoporosis, painful urination, loss of appetite, nausea and constipation. This formula is exceptionally effective in the treatment of conditions related to deficiencies of kidney yang and kidney yin and in the treatment of excess liver fire.

Recommended Use: Take 3-4 capsules each time. 3 times a day, before or after meals. 


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